The Approach

We provide a full-service PR function for Grant Thornton in the North West. Our role is to reflect its brand values in a fiercely competitive market. We believe in collaboration. By working closely with the company’s partners and understanding how they tick, we can generate the right level of PR activity in all the right places.  We deliver proactive PR campaigns that create opportunities for Grant Thornton to demonstrate its insight and expertise.  We work closely with its in-house PR teams in London on major campaigns and set piece economic events such as The Budget and Autumn Statement.

The Output

We make sure the corporate finance team at Grant Thornton makes the most of its enormous PR potential.  Nothing ‘cuts it’ like a deal story, and our trusting and secure dialogue with Grant Thornton’s team has ensured faultless handling of numerous deal stories.  We also work on specialist campaigns, and our tactical range has included short films around landmark events such as the International Festival for Business 2014.