The Approach

The campaign had seven different executions to ensure the people of Greater Manchester were made aware of what was happening. Insight was at the heart of this campaign: We tested creative approaches with focus groups, then carried our more research to make sure the key messages were correct. We then did more market research to test specific campaign treatments, materials and the call to action.

We developed partnerships with local media organisations to make sure our message was ‘out there’. Print and broadcast media, outdoor and events, and digital channels were all used. Digital communications were essential as this was the best way to reach people who might miss traditional forms of communication.  Directing people to the website through video, infographics and social media to complete the consultation documentation was also fundamental to the campaign

The Output

Our campaign received the largest response to a NHS consultation recorded in England. With over 32,000 responses, we proved how effective the right B2C communications programme can be.

An insight-led approach brought us to where we wanted to be and the results exceeded expectations. By taking the time to develop an insight-led approach we made it possible for the people of Manchester to help shape the future of healthcare in their city.