Social media mistakes: 5 things you’re doing wrong

Social media has been around for decades now, can you believe it?! No matter how many times you’ve perfectly scheduled a tweet or a Facebook post, there isn’t a man alive who hasn’t committed the ultimate social media mistake; a broken link.

Social media marketing has become a necessity in an ever-digital world, but with these social accounts comes great responsibility. We looked at the main things businesses are getting wrong on social…



Social media is a tricky fiend. And one thing that does not work, is sharing the same message across all of your social platforms. Sure, it might save time, but if the result is low reach and poor engagement, then was it worth it at all?

Make sure you have a set strategy for each social channel you use with a well-defined audience that you’re trying to reach. Build your content to match and then use your analytics to see what content is working. Rinse and repeat!


We said this one three times because it’s three times important. At its core social media is, well, social. And brands and businesses don’t get to cut slack here.
Give your followers a platform to share their ideas and start conversations and engage with them. This is a sure-fire way to maintain audience retention and improve brand loyalty.



Content is all about value. If your content isn’t valuable, your audience won’t engage with it. Share content that entertains, enlightens or educates its readers – not every post needs to be a product post with a link to buy.

We’ve generally found that irrelevant links in posts reduce post performance and can ultimately lead to your audience unfollowing you. Before you go to post, think to yourself, would I show this post to my mates in the pub? If the answer is no, then don’t share it…



With a plethora of in-platform analytics and insights, you have every tool you need to understand how your content is working, or, not working.

Don’t stick your head in the sand when it comes to insights. Check the numbers behind your posts and define success for each. Did you want people to click on a link? Check how many link clicks it got and then check page performance on Analytics. Did you want people to engage with the post? Check number of comments and engagement rate.

Success is not one given metric, so make sure you define what you want, build your strategy and you’ll be on your way to reaching your social media goals.



Following on from point 4, if you find a post doesn’t work, try something different. Social media is all about trial and error and unfortunately, trends and algorithms change fast. Make sure you fully understand what resonates with your audience and as soon as you stop seeing results, switch tactics.


Looking for some inspiration? Check out these successful, and not so successful social media campaigns. 

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