5 influencer marketing campaigns to inspire you

Influencer marketing is an advertising strategy used by many big players in consumer-goods, from beauty and fashion to travel and retail. But it isn’t just for the big players, there’s much to be gained by smaller companies and brands through influencer marketing. By translating a big brand campaign to a smaller scale, you can reach a targeted and defined audience that is ready and primed to buy into your products or services.

We’ve picked out 5 great influencer marketing campaigns across sectors that could provide inspiration for your step into influencer marketing.


Glossier, a skincare retailer founded in 2014, is dominating the social media scene. Much of its success comes from its influencer marketing programme. Partnering with micro-influencers who are already big fans and importantly, advocates of their brand means that Glossier can prioritise achieving high engagement over follower numbers.

Glossier’s influencer programme spans macro and micro influencers through which they have a referral programme. This enables its more influential followers to offer product discounts and incentives to their unique networks. Have confidence in your products and use discount codes and giveaways as this will encourage brand retention, converting a freebie redeemer into a loyal customer.



Social following isn’t everything. Audible, Amazon’s audiobook and podcast division regularly partners with celebrities and high-follower influencers. However, one major success came through their campaigns with micro-influencers.

They recently worked with photographer Jesse Driftwood who has less than 100,000 followers. However, his audience is highly engaged so his post about Audible, which shared how he uses Audible to learn more about business management while on the move, didn’t even sound like an advert to his invested audience. With social users increasingly aware of when they’re being sold to, finding authenticity through your influencer marketing is key.


Jess Driftwood Audible Amazon micro influencer post



We can all be distracted by impressive stats, but to have a truly successful influencer marketing campaign you need authenticity and brand alignment.

Lagavulin, a relatively unknown brand of whisky outside of whisky aficionados, wanted to become front of mind for a wider range of drinkers. They decided to approach actor and comedian, Nick Offerman, known for playing Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation.

Although Offerman certainly has a cult following, he isn’t a typical choice for a celebrity endorsement. However his persona, and the ad creative they chose, was a perfect fit for the brand. Who knew a forty-five minute video of Offerman sat sipping a glass of Lagavulin next to a crackling fire could be so effective? Find influencers who suit your brand and creative that suits their personality – whether it’s shared on your channel or theirs. Aligning yourself to an influencer is much more effective than forcing an influencer into creative that doesn’t feel sincere or genuine to them.


Tom’s of Maine (manufacturer of personal care products) managed to triple its community growth with £0 ad-spend and a whole lot of micro influencers.

The company aimed to grow brand awareness among health-conscious buyers – a well-defined audience they wanted to infiltrate. Similar to Glossier, they picked out micro-influencers who were already superfans of their products and converted them into salesmen. The chosen influencers pushed out a message reviewing the product and encouraging their followers to try it too and share the results. This strategy created a snowball effect that resulted in a campaign reach of 4.4 million within the first three months. The great part? They didn’t pay any of the influencers to promote the products.

There’s no harm in discounting or giving freebies to already very engaged users of your product if it means you can reach a whole new audience by doing so. Selecting a large group of micro-influencers is often both more affordable and more effective than one endorsement from a macro influencer.

Tom’s of Maine saw a 600% increase in consumer engagement with micro influencers posts on Instagram, more than the combined activity of the brand’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Tom's of Maine influencer campaign



Does your brand have an ethical, social or environmental cause? Boxed Water’s mission is to protect the environment, so they decided to use this to create a successful social media campaign.

Using the hashtag, #ReTree, they aimed to encourage environmentally conscious consumption and fight deforestation globally. Teaming up with the National Forest Foundation they selected a group of micro influencers to launch the 3-month social campaign.

The aim was simple; they promised to plant two trees for every Instagram post that promoted Boxed water via their hashtag. They used a range of influencers who encouraged their followers to get involved and over 790,000 trees were planted in areas affected by deforestation and wildfires as result.



The first step is to define your campaign goal. Do you want to grow brand awareness, sell a particular product or perhaps reach a new audience? Once you have defined your campaign goal, create an influencer campaign that fits. The great thing about influencer marketing is that the possibilities for advertising are endless. If you have already established relationships with influencers, use their creativity to kickstart your next campaign. Not sure on where to begin with influencers? Check out our free guide to influencer marketing. 


Still not sure where to get started? Download our free guide on how to set up your first influencer campaign.

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