4 Instagram trends businesses should utilise in 2020

Instagram for business use is going from strength to strength thanks to influencer marketing and new features; from purchasing products endorsed by your favourite influencers without leaving the app to customers being able to book appointments through your profile, but what are going to be the top trends for 2020?



Every year we say that more importance is going to be placed on video across digital channels, so it’s no surprise that IGTV is looking to be a hot trend for 2020.

Initially the IGTV feature wasn’t all that. You had to click through to a separate page to view content and users had to download a separate app in order to upload a video. Now that the IGTV videos show up in your feed (and look like normal video posts), they’ve naturally grown in popularity. Video posts in your feed are limited to sixty seconds, whereas IGTV posts can be up to sixty minutes long!

Cleverly, Instagram have stipulated that videos uploaded must be vertical, rather than horizontal like YouTube, which makes complete sense as most people watch videos on their phones without rotating the screen.

To upload a video to IGTV you simply need to click on the TV icon in the top right of your Instagram feed and you’ll be able to upload a video directly from your phone.

For B2C businesses, this is a great place to have influencers test out your products and services, as consumers are becoming less inspired by obvious product placements – slimming tea and teeth whitening strips are the main culprits. For B2B businesses, IGTV could be the perfect place to showcase your team and their invaluable experience or even to quickly talk through a case study. Start experimenting and see which forms of content work best.



Is it sad that I’m really excited about this update? It has the potential to not only have a huge impact on people’s mental health but I’m looking forward to seeing how the influencer landscape changes. As more and more businesses have opted to working with micro-influencers over those with hundreds of thousands of followers, we can already see that businesses are becoming less interested in the number of likes a person gets (and rightly so!) and placing more importance on other forms of engagement.

Why aren’t likes important when we’ve placed so much importance on them in the past? They don’t really mean anything. Sometimes we like posts without really taking notice of what is in the photo or the message that goes with it. Just think if you’re selling a product, someone who has saved that post is much more likely to convert (as they can easily find it again thanks to Instagram’s boards) than someone who has simply liked the post. If they’ve sent it to a friend, or even better added it to their own story, they are literally promoting your product for free! If they’ve left an authentic comment then you’re also onto a winner – especially if they’ve tagged a friend to show them too.

The number of shares and saves on a post is private to an influencer, but they should be able to share some post analytics with you so you can get an idea – just ensure you get stats from posts that are show a similar product or aesthetic to your offering so you can get an accurate picture of what engagement your post might generate.





Facebook announced in late 2019 that they’re creating a platform for influencers right in Facebook Business. Following the new “creator” option under account type, Instagram is slowly giving out more control and insight capabilities to its users.

Now users can keep track of their metrics, from age and gender, to engagement stats. It’s a great way for influencers to display their stats for potential brand deals. Given Facebook stands to make a lot of money out of paid-for content on social platforms, they’re enabling and supporting influencers who earn money from the content create, including ad revenue, brand collabs and even support from fans.

Aside from the paid potentials of the studio, there are a bunch of other useful tools where you can schedule IGTV videos and manage your content in one easy-to-see screen.


The ever-increasing number of Instagram users and the ever-growing number of influencers means it can be difficult to keep up with new trends. Users are following hashtags and locations to ensure they’re getting fresh content on a daily basis, where their feed is opened up to new and exciting profiles. The best part is you don’t have to commit to following them straight away.

Now when people are looking for a holiday destination, they won’t just follow the tourism board and perspective hotels, they’ll follow the local area so they get an insight into the real lives of people on holiday, and can see which hotels and restaurants visited look good. Hashtags relating to fashion and food are popular, but emerging hashtags relating to architecture and design are helping elevate the property industry on Instagram too. Following these tags is becoming more convenient for many users and also opening up space for people to become influencers in their own right by sharing their content with a larger pool of people.



And lastly another little trend on the rise…


Memes and quotes have been going viral on Twitter for years now, but sharing these on Instagram has gained momentum recently – with a particular hike in memes relating to the elections. Businesses can utilise this trend by sharing tweets they’ve posted on their Instagram feed as we know people tend to glaze over captions. It’s a great way to add some humour into your feed and showcase your brand’s personality. You could even share other people’s tweets or reviews of your business. Depending on your brand and your chosen aesthetic and feed, these may be more appropriate for your story. But why not test one out and see how it performs?

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