Treading the line with social media: recent social media success and disasters

Social media can be a nightmare dressed like a daydream and a catalyst of controversies, especially for those in the public eye.

With delicious memes tastier than a vegan sausage roll that even Piers Morgan would eat, it’s hard to resist getting involved. But sometimes, it’s safer to stay out of the limelight. And even then, you might end up accidentally tweeting your own name instead of googling it (cough, cough, Ed Balls)…



One brand with social on their side, is bakery chain, Greggs. Not only are they harnessing the power of social to deliver campaigns well, such as the vegan sausage roll, but Twitter users the world over are crediting the “genius” in charge of the account for serving the perfect sarcastic reply to any shade the news of their plant-based pastry was receiving. The campaign has been called “a master class in public relations” by the industry magazine PR Week and shows the power of a campaign when delivered with humour.



It’s hard not to talk about Donald Trump when mentioning Twitter what with him sending more than 3,400 tweets last year – that’s an average of nearly 10 tweets a day! Trump started off 2018 as bombastic as ever – literally – when he engaged in a Twitter war with North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un. The world was left refreshing their feeds at the back-and-forth of insults between the world leaders and it can’t be denied the polarity Trump has managed to instill in the US population over key political issues.




Beauty brand Avon recently came under fire for using female insecurity as a marketing tool. In one campaign, the company presented cellulite as a defect in an ad that reads, ‘dimples are cute on your face (not your thighs)’.

Jameela Jamil – a rising star for female advocacy – called out the brand for “shaming women about age, gravity and cellulite” and with an Instagram following of nearly 1 million, star of ‘The Good Place’ wasn’t one to ignore. Avon replied saying, it “was intended to be light-hearted and fun but we realise we missed the mark.” Avon have since put out an apology after the outrage and promised to remove the campaign.




‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn abruptly ended his Marvel career after a number of offensive social media posts resurfaced online. He apologised after old tweets in which he appeared to make some wildly distasteful jokes re-emerged. Walt Disney Studios announced his sacking early last year after Chairman Alan Horn said: “The offensive attitudes and statements discovered on James’ Twitter feed are indefensible”. This just goes to show that you can’t run or hide from your social media history with a number of other celebrities being blacklisted for historic tweets.




Sometimes distance really does make the heart grow fonder, as our beloved Ed Sheeran demonstrated by signing off on a mysterious year-long hiatus way back in 2015. The digital detox could not have been more ‘Perfect’ as he returned with a bang, scheduling a worldwide tour and smashing the charts with his number one album Divide.

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You can build your entire career through social – it doesn’t matter your background. Embellished with a touch of humour and a bit of a competitive edge, we want to give a shout to a special egg which proved which came first between it and Kylie Jenner! Posted Jan. 4, the golden wonder has attracted over 52 million likes becoming the most-liked post on Instagram… ever. This is the perfect example of modern day marketing; bringing people together for a common goal… building communities.

Social media can be a dangerous game to play, but when done right it can be well worth the risk. Our experts have run social campaigns for a range of business to business and consumer brands over the years, so we know how to do social campaigns well. Find out more here.

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