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Black friday campaign ideas

It’s seen as one of the biggest days in the retail calendar, but with so many retailers slashing their prices, getting cut-through can be difficult. We’re sharing all the statistics you need to know to make your campaign a success this year. 

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Black Friday campaigns: What you need to know
crisis management

Crises can be very unpredictable so it’s important that organisations have a crisis communications plan to help deal with issues in the best way possible. We’ve analysed some examples – both good and bad – of how other companies have dealt with a crisis and what you can learn from each.

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Successful crisis management examples and what not to do

A crisis situation often hits your business out of nowhere, so what would you do if that happened suddenly? Our 8 step guide will walk you through how to prepare, how to handle the situation and how to ensure you minimise damage to your brand.

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8 steps to crisis management
Crisis communications phone call

Crisis can hit at any time and it might have built up over time or completely taken you and your colleagues by surprise. Effectively dealing with crisis through clear, engaging communications can help rebuild your brand’s reputation and stop you losing customers.

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What is crisis communications?

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