The current political situation, primarily dictated by Brexit, climate change and the rising volume of domestic issues, has ensued a nationwide tendency of political apathy and public disengagement. Without sufficient public engagement in political processes, sections of society begin to lose interest and confidence in the system.

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Re-engaging local constituencies through political engagement

You might have seen ‘sponsored’ or ‘paid partnership with’ appear on users Instagram posts recently, which essentially means a brand has paid that user in some form for the post. This update is great for businesses as we all know user-generated content tends to get more engagement than a branded post, but how exactly do you set them up? We’ll walk you through it.

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How to set up branded content adverts on Instagram
The elephant and the rider story

Market research has been transformed in recent years by the teachings of Daniel Kahemann in his book Thinking Fast and Slow. Kahemann leveraged years of research into practical insight, most notably with the idea of two systems of thinking.

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Market research and the Elephant and the Rider

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