Stakeholder Communications

Public affairs is identifying opportunities and minimising political risk

Our public affairs strategies are bespoke to your organisation and as innovative as possible to ensure positive engagement in politics and policymaking.



PR and marketing professionals are now taking the lead on lobbying including expanding on conventional lobbying practices, educating and influencing public opinion in order to help their clients.

We have a strong network of influential figures across sectors and geographical regions, allowing us to spend quality face-to-face time with those people with whom engagement is key.



Consulting with the community can be vital as part of a planning or regeneration development initiative, especially if there may be sensitive issues at play.

Influential have advised on and delivered many public consultations, from large regeneration projects to smaller community action campaigns. We can offer advice and recommendations of delivery, engagement levels, messaging and PR that truly engages with stakeholders and reaches the places and people you are targeting.

Our public consultation experts also manage media conferences, events and roadshows, as well as producing marketing collateral to support your consultation.

Whether you are trying to engage with residents, special interest groups, council leaders, businesses or local politicians, we are masters at driving in-depth community engagement, surveys and analysis.

Public Engagement

Inclusive public engagement aspires to involve the community in the decision-making process, giving people more of a participatory role in consultations and projects.

Influential work alongside you to develop public engagement strategies that empower people and communities, creating people-centred research and experience-based feedback.

We help you develop relationships and partnerships with a wide cross-section of the public, from local communities and charitable groups to large national and international companies.



Stakeholder mapping is vital in terms of successfully managing projects. Many projects can run into trouble if stakeholders are not mapped out or managed correctly.

Influential can effectively map all stakeholders, identifying those who are key to your project or campaign and whether they are contributing to or affected by your project.

Our stakeholder analysis gauges influence and interest while defining their role and our expectations enabling us to identify which stakeholders are more likely to impact your consultation than others.

We then use this information to categorise and prioritise the levels of engagement which each stakeholder should receive. Finally, we map out how to engage with the key stakeholders, gaining their trust, support and understanding.



We take a multifaceted approach to public affairs, developing strategy and providing layered analysis and recommendations based in intelligence. We ensure that our clients are fully understanding of the political environment in which they operate, giving them the confidence to engage in the political discourse. We can support through:

  • Bespoke and focused lobbying strategy development
  • Relevant, measurable lobbying engagement activity
  • Long term, integrated plans that engage with key figures at key times
  • Public consultation planning and delivery and community engagement
  • In-depth analysis of consultation survey results
  • Stakeholder mapping strategy
  • Stakeholder identification, analysis, prioritisation and engagement
  • Public engagement strategies
  • Relationship and partnership development

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