Achieving record-breaking consultation responses

Breakthrough Campaign for Health and Social Care Reform

  • Stakeholder engagement


When tasked with driving awareness and facilitating public opinion on a transformative health and social care reform program in Greater Manchester we took centre stage.  


Our mission was to inspire local residents and stakeholders to participate in a formal public consultation, monitored by Government and NHS England.  

The challenge was twofold: to generate widespread awareness of the transformational program and to encourage active participation in the formal public consultation. We aimed to engage a diverse audience and ensure the campaign’s messages, treatments and calls to action resonated with the target demographic. With multiple channels at our disposal, we sought to create a comprehensive campaign that left a lasting impact. 

Drawing on our creative expertise, we crafted a multi-faceted campaign featuring seven distinct executions. 

To ensure maximum resonance, we conducted focus groups, fine-tuning key messages and campaign treatments to align with the target audience’s needs and preferences. Our strategic approach encompassed a mix of print and broadcast media, outdoor advertising, event activations, and digital channels to reach and engage a broad audience.  




The outcome surpassed all expectations, setting a new benchmark for NHS consultations in England. Our campaign sparked an overwhelming response, with over 32,000 participants actively engaging in the consultation process. By leveraging the right channels, strategic messaging, and creative executions, we successfully empowered the Greater Manchester community to voice their opinions and contribute to shaping the future of health and social care reform. 

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