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With data showing the disproportionate impact COVID-19 was having on Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, it was our job to discover the most effective and authentic way of connecting with them.


At a time when emotions were high, we had to gain access to different ethnic groups and build trust with them to increase uptake in the COVID-19 vaccination.

However, it wasn’t going to be enough to use old reports and findings of the region’s ethnic communities. Nor was guessing why they were hesitant to get the vaccine going to a true representation of their worries or concerns.

Plus, we needed to identify the most deprived populations as they were reporting the lowest levels of vaccine take-up – as this would enable us to strategically weight our digital campaign to these core areas.

Using a variety of data sources, we developed a unique interactive mapping tool that provided us with an accurate geographic profile of the region’s ethnic communities.

With this in hand, community engagement followed to gain valuable insights into their attitudes and views of COVID-19 and the key barriers to vaccination. This quickly became our ‘Let’s Get Vaccinated’ campaign.

To bring the insights to life, we partnered with trusted representatives from different ethnic groups and used our interactive tool to launch a truly micro-targeted digital campaign. This enabled us to post relevant content in each area while ensuring it featured representatives from each individual community.




Our digital activity delivered over one million impressions while we also executed a series of radio adverts, local advertorials, PR tactics and even a vaccination bus!

Along with targeted door drops to nearly 40k households in the most deprived postcodes – who we had identified trusted this form of media.

We featured in the Daily Mail and on ITV and BBC Breakfast and secured 225 pieces of coverage and over 7.7m viewers.

A pre and post-survey showed an increase in the likelihood to take vaccination from 68% to 79%, while NHS data showed a remarkable rise in vaccine uptake within the campaign period.




increase in likelihood to take vaccination (68% to 79%)



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