Shaping the journey to an ICS

Empowering healthcare transformation through strategic communication

  • Stakeholder engagement


The Cheshire Merseyside Health Care Partnership (HCP) needed to develop a comprehensive communication strategy aligned with their objectives, in preparation for the transition to an integrated care system (ICS).  


The Cheshire Merseyside HCP needed to refine their purpose, role, and objectives as they embarked on the journey to becoming an ICS. To do this they needed to engage with stakeholders across the nine local authority areas within their partnership. Influential came onboard to conduct a comprehensive stakeholder review and deliver a communication strategy that would foster alignment and engagement. 

We swiftly embarked on a detailed stakeholder mapping exercise, identifying key health and care roles within each local authority area.

We identified stakeholders with influence across local authority boundaries, resulting in a comprehensive list of 170 names.  

Employing a mixed methodology, we engaged with 22 stakeholders through in-depth discussions, while the rest of the audience was reached through a targeted online survey. 




Our deep engagement efforts yielded remarkable results, with direct involvement from 120 key target stakeholders. This allowed us to generate a robust set of findings and recommendations. Our research armed Cheshire Merseyside HCP with the insights they needed to adapt their strategy effectively.  

To ensure widespread adoption, we facilitated an engagement session, sharing the recommendations with all 170 stakeholders. It ensured the strategy reached every corner of the partnership, solidifying buy-in and paving the way for a successful transition to an integrated care system (ICS). 

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