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Unleashing the power of stakeholder engagement 

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When Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) sought to uncover stakeholder perceptions and drive progress post-devolution, they turned to our expert team.  


GMCA faced the crucial challenge of understanding stakeholder perceptions following the devolution announcement, with a goal to assess progress and inform future strategies.  

They required a partner who could conduct comprehensive stakeholder analysis, ensuring a diverse range of voices were heard.  

Our team collaborated closely with GMCA to devise a tailored solution. We crafted a stakeholder list, encompassing a blend of health leaders, politicians, and medics from across Greater Manchester.

To ensure accuracy and alignment, we shared a detailed discussion guide with internal stakeholders, guaranteeing focused and meaningful interviews. 

We conducted 25 in-depth interviews and distilled our comprehensive analysis and key insights into 10 core recommendations, which were carefully crafted to align with GMCA’s goals.  




The impact of our stakeholder engagement approach was transformative. GMCA received a wealth of invaluable insights, providing a clear understanding of stakeholder perceptions to enable informed decision-making. Our 10 core recommendations served as a roadmap for progress, guiding GMCA towards impactful strategies and initiatives. 

The GMCA team commended our attention to detail. We managed the recruitment, interviews, and analysis processes, ensuring all project’s milestones were met, despite the tight timeline. 

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