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Community Diagnostic Centres

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The NHS Integrated Care System for Norfolk and Waveney tasked us with engaging with the community on a series of new diagnostic centres which would make specific services more accessible, quicker and safer for patients.

The new centres would provide diagnostic testing services such as heart and lung tests, imaging tests, blood tests and diabetes tests.


Influential was brought on board to collect insights from a cross-section of residents living across Norfolk and Waveney, measuring overall opinion of the changes and, importantly, understanding whether there was a need for the centres.

It was also our job to measure any concerns among the community and identify variations in perception across key audience groups.

We created an online survey so that we could capture thoughts and opinions on the plans.


This was done via a three-pronged approach:

  • Online panel – general public sample recruited through a commercial online panel
  • Digital Campaign – we drove our target audience to a specific landing page via a paid social campaign, for which we devised a set of creative digital ads
  • GP survey – we went direct to GPs in the local area and asked them to complete the survey




Our survey received a total of 1452 respondents, beating our initial target. Key insights were identified during the research, including the barriers people face when trying to access some healthcare services.

The survey showed that there was a strong need across the community for the diagnostic centres to be created.


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