Reinventing healthcare branding

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Tired of blending into the background and frustrated by its lack of personality, Routes Healthcare was bored of being pigeonholed.


They wanted to reinvent healthcare branding with something playful, creative and like nothing that had been done before.

We needed to forget everything we associate with a healthcare brand, think out of the box and push everyone (including ourselves) out of their comfort zones.

Through immersive research, we uncovered a strong brand story to share with the world. One that saw us embark on a transformational journey to break free from the traditional images of caregivers holding hands with patients and stepping into a realm of bold and inventive graphic design.

We redefined the brand’s pillars and crafted a brave new narrative all around putting clients first, improving lives, and delivering personalised solutions. We created captivating negative space illustrations from scratch to completely reinvent the visual brand identity. Our powerful images and videos represented the brand’s pillars while embodying strength and professionalism. The vibrant colours and one-of-a-kind graphics added depth and character.​




At the end, Routes Healthcare had an authentic brand narrative, a compelling tone of voice and powerful visual identity. ​

We also designed a visually stunning main logo and introduced the strapline “Part of Your Journey,” which perfectly encapsulated Routes’ unwavering commitment to being an integral part of each client’s healthcare journey.​

We pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation in developing Routes Healthcare’s new website with three distinct customer journeys tailored to commissioners, employees and service users. We also created a custom-made video animation featuring an unexpected protagonist – a pigeon. This imaginative approach helped Routes Healthcare break free from the pigeonhole of stereotypes, captivating the audience’s attention. ​

Coupled with a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and integrating it with the website, we streamlined the recruitment process and improved the back-end management across all sites. ​

This led to more job vacancies being filled and our client successfully securing multiple contracts in the North West and North East through the submission of tender applications featuring our new brand.​

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